Amazon Fire 7″ Wall Mount Kit V2 by Lux Mounts in White, Attach to Outlet or Switch, Easy Installation, Damage-Free, Kiosk, Show Display, Smart Home Interface, Security Camera Viewer, Alexa On Wall

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as of 06/01/2023 (Details)

A simple and easy wall mount for the Amazon Fire 7 Amazon Fire 7 5th gen (2015), 7th gen (2017) and 9th gen (2019). With a wall mounted Amazon Fire 7 you will be able to Ask Alexa to carry out tasks, control a smart home, view security cameras, google cast or apple airplay, lookup recipes in the kitchen, enjoy content in the bathroom, look back on memories by displaying pictures and use a lock down browser to display a website in the form of a kiosk. With a wall mounted Amazon Fire 7, the possibilities are endless. INSTALL: Simply remove your current wall plate on your light switch or outlet and install this one using 2 screws and a flat screw driver. Then run the cable to the nearest USB power source KIT INCLUDES: -Wall Mount -4x Buttons -Short Micro USB Cable -Long Micro USB Cable -2x Mount Screws NOT INCLUDED: -Amazon Fire 7 Tablet -Charging Brick -USB Outlet

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