Dockem Koala Tablet Wall Mount: Universal Damage-Free Adhesive Wall Dock for iPads, iPad Airs, Galaxy Tabs and Other Tablets (Black Version)

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as of 12/06/2023 (Details)

The Koala Tablet Wall Mount is the perfect combination of aesthetics, functionality, and affordability in a damage-free tablet mounting system. Perfect for storing, charging, and viewing your iPad in the kitchen, bedroom, gym, bathroom, office, or anywhere else around your home, apartment, dorm, or office. How is it different? Attaches with 3M Command Adhesive Strips, so no screws. Not specific to any tablet, so you can upgrade without buying a whole new mount. Can be moved from one location to another (new strips required if being reset to new size or location). Setup is simple and takes minutes, with no tools required. How does it work? The Koala Mount consists of two small, sturdy plastic brackets that gently cradle your device. Designed to be used with 3M Command Strips (included) which provide a truly hassle-free mounting experience. The strips are rated to hold up to 5 lbs each (far more than any tablet). To remove, the strips can simply be stretched off without causing any damage. Compatibility Any tablet/case combination that is 11 mm thick or less will fit into the Koala Mount. Some thicker tablets will also work if the edges are thinner (such as the iPad 1). With iPad mini/smaller tablets: The side of the brackets come about 7 cm up the side of your tablet. Therefore, with an iPad mini, Nexus 7 (or similar smaller model tablets) the charging port may be covered if mounted in landscape mode. Package includes: 2 ABS plastic brackets, 2 Large 3M Command Strips, cleaning pad, full setup and removal instructions. Notes: Intended only for use on smooth, untextured surfaces. Special strips recommended for bathrooms (sold separately). It is recommended to perform a strength test on your wall prior to mounting your tablet by hanging a bag with a weight from the bracket. Free return shipping and full refund offered by manufacturer if it fails the test.

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