Generic Barnes & Noble Nook Color Compatible Generic LED Lit Charging Cable & Wall Charger Kit (Shows charging status on the Lit Cable Tip only)

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as of 05/30/2023 (Details)

Why not indulge in this dual port rapid 2.1 amp rapid charger and LED lit generic Barnes & noble color charging cable. 2.0 Compatible. 3 feet. Works with nook color models.bnrv200 & bntv250, bntv250a. Please read: This cable is non OEM 5 pin (not 12 pin as the original nook color cable) so will not display charge status on your actual nook color tablet display (only the cable LED light will indicate charging) and may take longer to charge than to original nook color cable, however will fully charge your nook perfectly in 8-12 hours. Dual ports supports 2.1 amp on bottom port only. If you will be using both ports, output will be 1amp output per port. Bulk packaged. Includes bonus travel bag. Generic cable may or may not have a logo.

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