Pad Bracket: Wall Mount for the Apple iPad

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as of 09/25/2023 (Details)

The Pad Bracket is a wall mount designed specifically for use with your Apple iPad. it does not work well with most thick cases. Only thin cases, or no case. It is made of high-quality black plastic and comes with screws and wall anchors. The Pad Bracket is easy to install and even easier to use. Just slide your iPad in the bracket when you want to use it on the wall, switch between landscape and portrait, and remove. The Pad Bracket also makes a great home for your iPad when not in use, keeping it safe and out of the way while freeing up precious desk and counter space. It is designed to work with a naked iPad, and works with the slimmest cases, but not with thick bulky cases (as you can see by the photo and review provided by someone who tried to use it with a thick case). It also works with the iPad2, with smart cover or without. * MADE IN THE USA! * Does not work with thick cases. * Plastic part, no scratching * does not work with the larger iPad Pros

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