Surf Secure Magnetic Privacy Screen – Compatible with Microsoft Surface Go with 2 Way View Protection

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as of 09/30/2023 (Details)

Don't you get annoyed when people around you are trying to read your tablet screen? OF COURSE! No More Worries From Spying Eyes. Perfect for corporate travel, open office settings, students, financial institutions, health care providers, government agencies, and hanging out at your local coffee shop or internet cafe. 60 degree Field of View (30 degree left/right from center) on landscape sides. Easy installation with no sticky mess. Our screens integrate with your Surface Go's screen by attaching to the magnets already built into the tablet's frame. No plastic tabs or adhesive tape required. CHECK YOUR Surface Go's MODEL FOR PROPER FIT: This privacy filter fits the new 2018 Microsoft Surface Go. PROPER USE:   When using your Privacy Screen, be sure to go into Settings and adjust your 'Display & Brightness' settings. & nbsp; The screen interferes with the sensors on the display screen.   Turn off the 'Auto' or 'True Tone' button and manually adjust to your preferred setting.   Also, be sure place the privacy screen so that the oval cutout is over the camera lens. Click on the ADD TO CART button now to receive your screen with bonus sleeve, and get your privacy back!

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