Surface Pen, Microsoft Certified 4096 Pressure Sensitivity Surface Stylus with AAAA Battery, 200hr Continuous Using Surface Go Pen Compatible with Surface Pro/Go/Laptop/Book/Studio/Neo(Gray)

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as of 09/24/2023 (Details)

Package included: 1x Surface Pen 1x Battery AAAA 1x Hang Belt 1x User Manual Compatible with the following devices : Microsoft Surface Pro3 / Microsoft Surface Pro4 / Microsoft Surface Pro(2017) / Microsoft Surface Laptop / Microsoft Surface Book Series / Microsoft Surface Studio / Microsoft Surface Go Available time Continuous Use : 200 Hours Standby : 360 Days Max. Exchangeable Battery AAAA (625mAH/1.5V) X 1 Pen Tip Plastic POM and Anti-friction tip with 1.5mm diameter. The tip on Ink is durable and should be able to cover over 20 km before getting worn out on smooth glass Eraser Button Push the button to erase in the Apps In some Apps, need to push the pen tip to enable the function. Indicator LED (1) Green - Power On (2) None - Power Off (3) Flash Green Fast-1 second/time, power off final sequence, it will flash 5 times before power off. Slow-3 seconds/time, low power, need to exchange battery. But It still can work for 3 hours. Right Button (1)Use as the right click function in different Apps with different action. Just push the button on the touch screen to enable the function. (2)Push the button about 5 seconds to wake up the pen.( Indicator LED turns to green) Push the button about 10 seconds to power off.( After 5 seconds, LED flash 5 seconds) Be aware that never let go during 10 seconds if want to power off. Pen Cap (1)Screw out to exchange the AAAA Battery (2)Tie the hang belt through the hole on the pen cap

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