ZUGU CASE Apple Pencil 1 & 2 Holder Sticker – Peel N Stick Elastic Stylus Pocket (Black)

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as of 02/29/2024 (Details)

New! Elastic Apple Pencil Pouch Sticker This Apple Pencil stylus holder can stick to almost any surface (NOT SILICONE & FABRIC) and allow you to quickly store your stylus with this elastic pouch, which also protects it from scratching. Because it uses an elastic as the pocket it lays flat when not in use but stretches to firmly hold your stylus in place when in use. One of the best apple pencil accessories out thereEasy, Quick & Convenient For Best Results: Make sure the surface is clean and free of debris. Position the stylus holder to any non silicone flat surface on the case (without a stylus inside the pocket). Press down firmly on all areas of the holder, then place a 2-5 lbs book or similar object on top of holder for a little to help the adhesive adhere properly (make sure to have the iPad inside the case during the process to ensure no warping to the case occurs)

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